The Texas Foster Care Association was formed in the 1970s as Texas State Foster Parents, Inc. We currently do business as Texas Foster Care Association (TFCA) to better reflect that we serve and support the entire family unit and not only the foster parents. In the past, there were many local foster parent associations that needed leadership and guidance, thus the beginning of the current association. Nearly 30 years ago, the State began outsourcing foster care to the private sector and many of those families were not included in local foster parent associations, creating more need for TFCA to provide support resources. Due to other changes in the system, there was also an increased need for advocacy efforts. For over four decades, TFCA has focused on supports and services needed by the children in foster care and the foster families who so diligently serve them.

As our organization cannot survive without the vibrant and informed participation of our outstanding membership, consider joining a Texas Foster Care Association Committee! As a committee member, you will have input for an upcoming training to promote the continuing development of foster parents.


The purpose of the Texas Foster Care Association (TFCA) is to educate, motivate and support foster, adoptive, and kinship parents, as well as, to be a united voice in advocating for the needs of those children and families. We do this by offering forums for our families to communicate and share information with one another via newsletters, in-person conferences, social media, including private regional social media groups; providing in-person and online training opportunities; sharing other resources in a variety of formats throughout the year, such as a resource guide, legal advisory board, and mentor opportunities; and providing legislative advocacy, just to name a few.

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